Swimming Pool Ladder Price In Bangladesh

Swimming Pool Ladder Price In Bangladesh

Best Swimming Pool Ladder Price in Bangladesh is getting easier day by day. People in Bangladesh use swimming pools more than before. People of Bangladesh are more health conscious than before.

Swimming pool ladders are used by people to get into and out of swimming pool water. Swimming pool ladders are 2 steps, 3 steps and 4 steps. Stainless steel ladders all curved 6 feet radius so the pool ladder stays close to the pool wall

3 Step Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Ladder | 21 inch width stainless steel rail At least: Entry and exit system for electric swimming pools 110 kg load capacity 1.90-inch outer diameter All curves have a radius of 6 feet Instability-free stainless steel step 3 year guarantee.

Top Features of Swimming Pool Ladder

  • Swimming pool ladder type STANDARD
  • Suitable for salt pools
  • Made of stainless steel. AISI 316 (18/8/2) bright polished finish
  • Tube of 43 mm Ø and 4 non-slip stainless steel steps.
  • Includes covers, anchorages with earth connection and screws
  • Design that guarantees safety against slipping and cuts
  • Easy to install

Swimming Pool Ladder

World’s best selling leather, made of 43mm diameter stainless steel tubing, 500mm width, with bright polished finish. Rams are wide (500 mm), smooth and safe, made of stainless steel. Their careful design ensures safety against any kind of reading or possible cuts. Each type of leather can be supplied with 2, 3, 4 or 5 runs.

Each ladder is supplied with a plastic bottom stop that rests on the pool wall to prevent damage, and a fixing anchor for attachment to contact a good binding point.

Stainless Steel Tube: The most important thing is that every combination of leather and handrails is made of high quality stainless steel and thanks to a very special production process, a bright and polished finish is obtained for this very long-lasting surprise.

Pool World Bangladesh’s best quality standard standard 2/3/4 step stainless steel swimming pool ladder now in Bangladesh. Pool World Bangladesh Company provides the best quality swimming pool ladders in Bangladesh. Contact us if you have any questions about swimming pool ladders.

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