Best Quality Swimming Pool Tiles Price

Best Quality Swimming Pool Tiles Price- Choose your best option.

When it comes to choosing tiles for your swimming pool, you will be a little worried because it gives more alliance to the expression of your taste and multiplies the attractiveness of the swimming pool. Pool World Bangladesh swimming pool builder company offers different types of tiles that look great. But you have to guess which tile is best for your pool. For this, you need to understand the different types and know the price of pool tiles.

Pool tile can add a sense of style to your pool area. Tiles can be installed above the pool wall and below the waterline. Some tile designs are better suited to installing in water than others. Consider the following and swimming pool tile cost in Dhaka to plan to add tiles to your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Modern Tiles Supplier

If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool, you will definitely want to see it in its best condition. The selection of high-quality tiles for your pool is crucial to provide it with the appropriate finishing touch. As a swimming pool manufacturer and tiles company, we take pride in our collection of tiles. We have all types of swimming pool tiles available in Bangladesh. Our collection includes both timeless ceramic mixes and simple glass mosaics, catering to various budget requirements. However, when you desire an additional touch of luxury, you must opt for the best.

Our tiles come in different colors and designs, which are highly suitable for swimming pool owners and architects alike. We offer glass, mosaic, porcelain, ceramic, and various other types of pool tiles.

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Glass Tiles

Using glass tiles underwater can create a beautiful mosaic design. The mosaic pattern can be installed under the pool, on the walls, or on both sides of the pool. The smooth nature of glass makes them highly suitable for underwater use. When installing glass tiles, use smaller-sized tiles around the rim of your swimming pool. Smaller tiles require more grout, but the extra grout can help prevent slips on smooth, wet tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Glossy ceramic tiles can add an attractive aspect to your swimming pool. These tiles are best suited for vertical surfaces around the pool. Ensure to opt for glossy tiles, as cracked glaze may allow moisture into the tile components, leading to stains that are difficult to remove. Green glass ceramic tiles may lose color due to chlorine exposure in water, hence they should be avoided in your pool design.

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Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles

These tiles can be installed in any part of the pool, including the bottom of the waterline. Porcelain prevents stains or damage from the artificial nature of the material.

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles

Ceramic mosaic is strong, making it more suitable for long-term use in community swimming pools. Children’s pools are mainly for water play, so ceramic mosaic is preferred. Glass is transparent, prone to peeling, and often sharp. Therefore, porcelain mosaic is recommended for swimming to avoid harm to swimmers. Designs can include animals, dolphins, and be inspired by sea water and grass. The best pool tiles are available in Dhaka.

We have various other types of tiles in our collection that can enhance the look of your swimming pool. Our prices are consistent with affordable pool tile prices in Bangladesh.

Usage and Specifications:

  1. Type: mosaic for walls and floors
  2. Tile usage: perfect for homes, high-grade office buildings, luxury hotels, shopping malls, deluxe club walls, and floor tiles.
  3. Available thickness: 4mm / 6mm / 8mm
  4. Tile packaging: In neutral white cartons, reinforced with strong wooden pallets.

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