Swimming Pool Skimmer

Swimming Pool Skimmer


1. High quality plastic material, corrosion resistance, wear resistant and durable.
2. Good replacement for the old one, easy to install and convenient use.
3. Suitable for most pools, such as swimming pools, massage pools, hot spring pools, etc.
4. Professional production, fine workmanship, sturdy and long service life.
5. Stable characteristics and high reliability, very useful tool.

Swimming Pool Skimmer Price in Bangladesh

A swimming pool wall skimmer is just one of the components of a pool’s filtration system. This system is how dirt, leaves, and debris are filtered out of the swimming pool water to help keep it clean.

The pool skimmer price in Bangladesh is getting more and more affordable day by day. Much more standard wall skimmers are being used in fiberglass pools and concrete swimming pools than ever be fore Pool Standard Wall Skimmer is basically installed near the surface of the swimming pool to catch floating debris before it sinks beneath the pool. It increases the water flow speed of the swimming pool water simultaneously as surface particles are gathered in the wall skimmer’s strainer basket. These swimming pool wall standard skimmers are made of advanced plastic and can be used for a long time.

Best Quality Swimming Pool Standard Wall Skimmer

Standard Wall Mount Swimming Pool Skimmer
Virgin Plastic Standard Swimming Pool Wall Skimmer
ABS Plastic Standard Swimming Pool Wall Skimmer
ABS Plastic Best Quality Swimming Pool Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer

Swimming Pool Water Filtration System Standard Wall Skimmer

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