Swimming Pool Water Inlet

Swimming Pool Water Inlet

In the pool, water inlets refer to any points where water circulates from your pool back to your equipment for circulation. Typically, we encounter two types of water inlets: main drains and skimmers. It’s not uncommon to have multiple main drains and skimmers. During normal operation, water flows from your main drains and skimmers to your filter.

Most main drains are located at the lowest point in the pool so that the entire pool slopes towards them. This is where most of the debris and dirt at the bottom of your pool exits. Main drains create a strong suction that has been proven to be a health concern. Federal laws now require anti-vortex covers for each drain, preventing hair and limbs from being caught in the plumbing.

On the other hand, skimmers work similarly to main drains, but they draw water from the very top of the pool. Floating debris typically exits the pool through the skimmer. The floating weir on the skimmer acts as an inlet passageway, allowing a small amount of water in at a time to effectively ‘skimmer’ the surface and catch debris.

The water flows through a strainer basket, catching larger debris such as leaves, bugs, and twigs. This is the first level of cleaning your water undergoes. Besides the main inlet, your skimmer system has a secondary (equalizer) line leading to a drain below the surface. This line prevents the skimmer from drawing air into the pump system if the water level drops below the main inlet level.

After passing through the various drains, the pool water flows on to the pump and filtering stage.


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