Swimming Pool Vacuum Inlet

Swimming Pool Vacuum Inlet


  1. Constructed with high-quality plastic material, offering corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and durability.
  2. Excellent replacement for older models, ensuring easy installation and convenient usage.
  3. Suitable for various types of pools, including swimming pools, massage pools, hot spring pools, etc.
  4. Professionally manufactured with fine craftsmanship, ensuring sturdiness and a long service life.
  5. Stable characteristics and high reliability make it an extremely useful tool.


Item Type: Swimming Pool Vacuum Inlet Material: PVC Color: As shown in the pictures Quantity: 1 piece Weight: Approximately 157 grams

Best Price for Swimming Pool Vacuum Inlet in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Why is a Vacuum Inlet Valve Essential for Swimming Pools?
Vacuum wall inlet valves are essential for connecting the swimming pool cleaner vacuum hose pipe. Without a vacuum suction wall inlet valve, cleaning the swimming pool water becomes impossible.
The price of Vacuum Inlet Valve in Bangladesh is becoming more and more affordable day by day. This is why more vacuum inlet valves are being used in swimming pools than ever before. The Vacuum Inlet is an extremely important component of a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Vacuum Lock Free Rotation Safety Wall Suction Outlet Plastic Fitting Replacement for Swimming Pool Water Cleaner Suction Outlet, Color 2in White. While there’s nothing wrong with using a handheld device to vacuum your pool, hooking a vacuum up to your pump, skimmer, suction port, or filter can make the cleaning process a lot easier and more thorough. To hook up a pool vacuum, turn off your pool’s pump and electrical components and perform a preliminary cleaning to remove larger debris. Then, assemble your hose and vacuum in the pool by screwing the pieces together. Finally, hook your hose up to the designated port and turn the pump back on to let the vacuum automatically vacuum your pool.

Vacuum wall inlet valves are designed for concrete and fiberglass swimming pools. They are manufactured from ABS and PVC plastic by injection molding. The high quality of materials and the rigorous controls of production processes guarantee a long life for our equipment.

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