Swimming Pool RGB Led Lights Waterfall

Swimming Pool RGB Led Lights Waterfall

LED Waterfall Features:

It is made of Acrylic material and LED strip lights.

Length: 30cm/60cm/90cm

Power: 6W/9W/12W

Steady and even flow products state of the art artificial waterfall.

Inbuilt water-proof LEDs add colors to water.

LED is powered by AC110-265V, which is safe and reliable.

Note: Only RGB models are equipped with remote control. The LEDs can be operated through remote control and 10 lighting patterns are available. Multiple water descents can share the same controller and act at the same pace.


  • Material
  • Irradiated area
    3-5 square meters
  • Origin

Swimming Pool Waterfalls in Bangladesh

Leave your worries behind when choosing the best carvings and fountains for your pool, because Pool World Bangladesh provides the best swimming pool RGB led lights waterfall & fountain solutions for you. We have successfully completed many projects with skilled and professional individuals. Contact us anytime you need a swimming pool. Contact us to get everything for your pool at our waterfall shop in Bangladesh.

Aluminum, limestone, and marble are mainly used for swimming pool waterfalls. Choose your preference from our extensive collection; it will be customized according to your needs. Just let us know what you want. We promise that the prices of carvings and fountains in Bangladesh will be within your reach. Explore our best collections for indoor and outdoor setups.

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