Swimming Pool Electric Heater 18KW

Swimming Pool Electric Heater 18KW Price in Bangladesh

Swimming in cold water during winter is very painful and discomforting. To maintain a comfortable water temperature in your pool during winter, you need to consider replacing a swimming pool cooling machine. Our swimming pool cooling accessories will provide you with a complete solution in this regard.

Pool World Bangladesh best swimming pool electric heater

To select a swimming pool heating machine in Bangladesh, you need to carefully consider the size of the pool. The size of a swimming pool heating machine involves various factors such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and cool night temperatures. Based on the average wind speed, low humidity, and cool night conditions, larger pumps should be used if necessary.

When choosing swimming pool cooling accessories in Bangladesh, you need to be aware of the energy efficiency performance of the machine. Pool World Bangladesh, a swimming pool construction company, will supply you with high-quality accessories. You will get our swimming pool cooling machine at a price in Bangladesh that suits your preferences.

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– KW: 36
– Voltage: 240
– Phase: 3
– Full Load Amps: 89
– NPT Connection: 2.0″
– Internal protective fusing in units over 48 amps.
– Dimensions: 28″ l x 15″ w x 15″ h

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