Swimming Pool Chlorine Granules

Swimming Pool Chlorine Granules.

Swimming pool chlorine granules use in one of best Maintaining a safe and best environment is most importance to pool owners and operators. One of the key ingredients in achieving this goal is swimming pool chlorine. At an impressive concentration of 90%, chlorine becomes a powerful tool for disinfecting water, preventing algae and ensuring the well-being of swimmers.

Chlorine/90% TCCA

Keeping pool water clean, pathogen-free and sanitary is crucial so you can enjoy your pool. But this organization isn’t as simple as just throwing out some pool chemicals. This mixture goes into effect quickly, and you can retest after about six hours. Three types of pool chlorine – tablets, granules or powder. Good quality tablets dissolve at about the same rate, and usually shrink over time but maintain their shape.

Chlorine granules

While adding the correct amount of chlorine needed to maintain a healthy pool is not easy, it is absolutely necessary. Pool owners should disinfect their pool once every 1-2 weeks. Next, the pH level of the water should be measured. Chlorine/90% TCCA loses its effectiveness in acidic water. Aim for a pH similar to human tissue – about 7.2, but up to about 7.6. If the pH is too high, some hydrochloric acid should be added to the deep end of the pool while the pump is running.

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