Chlorine Supplier in Bangladesh

Chlorine Supplier in Bangladesh.

Maintaining a safe and inviting swimming environment is of utmost importance to pool owners and operators. One of the key ingredients in achieving this goal is swimming pool chlorine. At an impressive concentration of 90%, chlorine becomes a powerful tool for disinfecting water, preventing algae and ensuring the well-being of swimmers.

Pool World Bangladesh

It is one of the leading swimming pool construction companies in the country which has been working for a long time in this field as swimming pool builders, swimming pool maintenance and all kinds of equipment suppliers. Good quality swimming pool chlorine tablets will dissolve at a more or less uniform rate and may shrink over time while maintaining their shape.

  • Sanitization and water quality
    Swimming pool chlorine, at levels of 90%, is a powerhouse even if swimming pool water is just that. Its primary function is to remove harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens from the body. High levels of chlorine ensure that the disinfection process is effective and fast, keeping water safe and clean for people of all ages.
  • Algae prevention and control
    Algae growth is a common challenge in swimming pools, becoming a source of uncomfortable and unhealthy water. Chlorine (90%) acts as an algae inhibitor, preventing the formation of unsightly green or black algae. High levels of chlorine help stop the build-up of algae, ensuring that pool water remains attractive and inviting to swimmers.
  • Oxidation and Contaminant Removal
    Oxidation of chlorine plays an important role in removing contaminants and organic matter from pool water. 90% chlorine levels effectively break down pollution, oil, sweat, and other organic matter. This process helps to maintain water purity and prevent contamination and disease outbreaks.
  • pH balance and chemical relationship of water
    The amount of swimming pool chlorine (90%) contributes to maintaining the correct pH measurement and water chemistry. By carefully controlling the pH, chlorine is just right

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