Swimming Pool Grip Tiles

Swimming Pool Grip Tiles

Grip Tiles

These finger grip pool tiles are great in suppliers of Alibaba.com, they are made from non-latex rubber, a rubber synthetic material, or a combination of both. Creating a beautiful mosaic design using glass tiles under the water line is possible. The mosaic pattern can be placed at the bottom of the pool, on the walls, or on both sides of the pool. The impermeable nature of glass makes it highly suitable for underwater use. When installing glass tiles, use smaller-sized tiles around the rim of your swimming pool. Although smaller tiles require more grout, an extra amount of grout on smooth, wet tiles can help prevent slips.

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Swimming Pool Glass Tiles Supplier Company Bangladesh

If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool, you’ll undoubtedly want to see it in its best condition. This stylish selection of pool tiles is crucial to provide your pool with a proper finishing touch. As a swimming pool manufacturer and tiles company, we take pride in our tile collection. We offer all types of swimming pool tiles in Bangladesh. Our collection includes timeless ceramic mixes and simple glass mosaics for those on a budget. However, if you desire that extra touch of luxury, you must opt for the best.

Our tiles come in various colors and designs that are highly favored by swimming pool owners and architects alike. We offer glass, mosaic, porcelain, ceramic, and more types of pool tiles.


1. Standard size at 240x115mm

2. Hugely versatile porcelain material

3. Low water-absorption rate and no color fading

4. Anti-slip surfaces taht comply with the international norms

5. Highly resistant to scratch, crack, marks, wear, chemical agents

6. Easy to install and maintain

Suitable for:

Swimming pool edging, pool surround area, swimming pool rest areas.

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